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Enter the Flow - Intuition Training

Enter the Flow - Intuition Training is a completely unique course where you will learn...

  • Our intuition is a profound sense that guides us to safety, wisdom and personal growth and enables us to have more flow in our life.

  • ​Simple practices to REDUCE THE NOISE in your head and gain access to your innate intuition

  • ​POWERFUL embodied techniques that will not only serve in accessing your intuition but every aspect of your life

  • Clarity to what intuition is and how it is felt and experienced...and most importantly RECOGNISED

  • Move you out of "life is a struggle" and into "things are working out for me"

  • Get out of your head and act from your HEART

  • Become aware of YOUR specific feelings and sensations that tell you "this is right for me" or "this is wrong for me"

  • Receive a simple continual PRACTICE that will widen and deepen your intuition

  • You will feel more and think less as life will appear richer and more FULL OF LIFE

  • Increase awareness of synchronicity and signs that guide you

  • Experience the most profound descending of peace in a way you have never experienced before

  • Experience a CLEAR and CRISP head like you have never experienced, ever

  • Receive deep universal knowledge and truths about your PATH and PURPOSE

  • Clearly identify what is your intellect at work, verses your intuition

  • AMAZE at how your life is starting to ENTER THE FLOW and is graceful and easy

  • Feel connected to a PROFOUND guiding force that is optimising your life

  • Receive messages, insights, ideas, and truths that GENTLY NUDGE you to proceed to your greatest good

        ...and so much, much, MUCH more in just ONE WEEKEND!


Isn't it time you ENTER THE FLOW?

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  • Two FULL day Course

  • The Billionaire Buddha book at - AU$29.95

  • Exclusive live Group Mentoring Sessions, includes teachings, Q&A and facilitated mentoring. Monthly via Zoom, provides ongoing support, inquiry and deepens your practice and understanding. Valued at AU$720.00 - which is amazing because you don't often get ON GOING SUPPORT!

  • If you miss any sessions, you will receive the recording of the session to your inbox - for FREE

  • 2 x MP3 Guided Meditations can be installed on any device for easy access at - AU$10.00

  • 20% Off eBird (earlybird) can be transferred to a family member or friend. Usually valued at - AU$50 or more!

  • Participant numbers are strictly limited, so you can have more one-on-one facilitated work time with Jane.

This course and bonuses are valued at over AU$800.00 - BUT the actual price is SO MUCH less..

Enter the Flow - Intuition Training - SYDNEY

Sat 23 - Sun 24 February 2019