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Money Wound - Counsellor / Coach Training

Money Wound - Counsellor / Coach Training is a two part webinar teaching series that SUPPORTS COUNSELLORS AND COACHES to explore the wound that is linked to our survival. Another name for the Money Wound would be the ‘Survival Wound’ - all the psychological or ESTEEM ISSUES or challenges we experience with our need to survive i.e. provide for the body and work within a communal fiscal systems that facilitates the body’s survival. This wound shows us where we may PROSTITUTE our self  for money. Sacrifice our INTEGRITY for money. Squash our DREAMS for money.  COMPARE our self-worth to our net-worth. Compare our self to others WITH MONEY. It is what we do every day to essentially keep ourselves alive, sheltered and clothed or metaphorically... put bread on our table AND how our VALUES, DREAMS and SELF-ESTEEM may suffer because of this need. In this live interactive webinar series you will discover...

  • What the MONEY WOUND is and how it subconsciously affects our motivation, goals, careers, resilience and relationships

  • What language the Counsellor/Coach might hear from their client that signals the presents of the Money Wound and how to use this as a source of enquiry

  • Discover your own unique Money Wounds that may act as a BLIND-SPOT in being able to support others with similar Money Wound issues

  • Look at the development of the Money Wounds from various Attachment Relationships and how their presentations vary depending on the client's childhood history

  • Understand what support the clients Money Wounds and get them thriving and motivated rather than stuck or blocked

  • Understand how to look for signs of what may be their Money Wound at play

  • Gain resources to support your clients

  • There will be time for Q/A at the end of each session

  • PLUS check below for the great bonuses!  

...and so much, much, MUCH more in just TWO x 1.5 HOUR SESSIONS!​

We'll be sending you a recorded copy of each webinar, so you will be able to refer back at anytime!

Give the gift to your clients of understanding this unique wound!


Money Wound - Counsellor & Coach Training 

6:30pm to 8:00pm Sydney, AU time

Part One - Tue 5 February 2019

Part Two - Tue 12 February 2019