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Learn with me... for individuals

Courses & Trainings

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your financial wellbeing or organisation wanting to provide financial wellbeing programs for employees, I offer a range of online, on demand, in-person courses & trainings.

financial wellness courses

Financial wellbeing... on demand


Is financial wellbeing courses online, on demand and at your pace. A leader in financial psychology & behaviour change. With150+ hours of courses, resources and tools to get you thriving financially!

Inner Critic

Inner Critic

Learn how to succeed in any area of your life by finally freeing yourself from the toxic influence of the Inner Critic. Capabilite

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Goal Setting

Become kick ass at goal achievement. Going

beyond SMART goals & identifies the barriers & blocks to goal attainment. Capabilite

Financial Wellbeing Course

Financial Saboteur

Learn how to stop sabotaging your financial goals, (any goal) & free yourself from this deeply destructive behaviour. Capabilite

Study with me... for professionals

Courses & Trainings

Do you support others to improve their financial wellbeing? Through my training organisation, Financial Wellbeing Company we offer a range of online, on demand, in-person courses & trainings

trauma and money

Trauma & Money

Short course for Accountants, Advisors, Coaches, Consellors, Educators & Customer Facing Staff - to empower financial resilience & wellbeing. Attend here

Trauma Informed Financial Wellbeing

Trauma Informed Financial Wellbeing

Online program for mental health and support professionals to promote financial resilience in clients. Enrol

Trauma Informed Financial Coach

Trauma Informed Financial Practitioner

For financial & support professionals who wish to extend scope of practice to transform client financial lives. Find out more

Trauma & Money

Upcoming Events

"To achieve financial wellbeing and financial resiliency we need to integrate soft skills into our financial capability strategies, such as agency, confidence, empowerment, problem solving, creativity, risk taking, motivation, stress management and the capacity to rebound from setbacks." - Jane Monica-Jones

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