Financial Therapy equips people to reach their financial goals by thoughtfully addressing financial challenges through psychological, behavioral and personal relationship hurdles.  Our relationship with money can be a tricky business. Largely in most part because we are usually unaware of the hidden psychological drives and motivations that direct our decisions with money both positively and negatively.


  • Uncovers our unique Money Wounds and heal them

  • Heal the rift between you and your spouse's constant arguments about money

  • Understand your upbringing and its effect on your relationship with money

  • Supports you through divorce settlements, that serves you and your family

  • Curb risky financial behaviours that hit your bank balance

  • Help kick gambling habits

  • Ease the consumerism drive that sends your credit cards over the limit

  • Supports you through traumatic financial circumstances and assists recovery

  • Build a foundation of self-care around money

  • Assists in building budgets and sticking to them

  • Learn the patterns and lessons you are teaching your children about money

  • Empower you to remain centred during the natural ebb and flow of money in your life​​ ...and so much more. It's it time you THIRVED!​


Financial Therapy repairs *Chronic Under-earning *Habitual over-spending *Need for 'retail therapy' *Supports career changes *Support you to follow your dreams *Expands your earning potential *Stops financial self sabotage *Inability to budget *Money arguments *Makes you feel solid, centred and very capable *Quietens inner critic and self-judgement *Helps financial recovery post divorce, bankruptcy, financial shock *Builds self-confidence *Builds feelings of empowerment *Builds resiliency *And lots, lots more ...


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