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Money Mental Health Cards

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Money Mental Health Cards contains 50 full colour cards with key statements or writing exercises to develop Financial Wellbeing.

The Money Mental Health Cards can be used in many different settings and ways. They are designed to be used by individuals or as conversation-building tools between a professional and a client, or between colleagues, friends or coaching group members.

The Money Mental Health Cards cover six key focus areas for financial wellbeing:

  • Money Mindfulness
  • Money Neuroscience
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Money Psychology
  • Money and the Nervous System
  • Plus ‘Money Mic Drop’ cards which are short and succinct reflections to promote curiosity and financial wellness.
Included in the cards are multiple bite-sized resources called micro-teachings or micro-learnings about a specific aspects of money management or money mindfulness. An essential resource for individuals, financial counsellors, financial therapist, mental health professionals, therapists, psychologists and social workers.

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50 full-colour cards, 90 x 90mm, with protective full colour tuck box

Author: Jane Monica-Jones

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