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The Billionaire Buddha

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There is a ‘collective secret’ that says, we should all have a good handle on money as we grow into adulthood. Yet we are generally never taught about managing money let alone how our individual psychology may affect our relationship with it. Most of us we have not received true guidance, support and any profound understanding of how money can and will trigger our emotional landscape. The Billionaire Buddha repairs this often broken relationship and builds a sense of inner security beyond what is happening to us financially.

The Billionaire Buddha is a step by step guide to understanding our unique relationship with money. It uncovers the hidden drives, beliefs and behaviours that make us stress about money • under manage our money • compulsively spend • makes us envious of other’s wealth • overwork or under-earn • have crazy debt • stress about our mortgage • can't save or budget • gamble heavily • makes us afraid to take some financial risk • make bad investments • fixate on money and manifesting • believe our self-worth is affecting our net-worth • argue with our partner about money • fear for our retirement • believe our level of money is a definition of our value as a human being • make us feel like we are constantly striving but only surviving • beat ourselves up for not being richer and, and, and the rest!In this therapeutic book we unpack at our early upbringings (our Attachment Relationships) with money and how this has laid the foundation of how we relate to our finances. Through the Billionaire Buddha 28 Day Challenge, we analysis our specific relationship with money, deconstruct our beliefs and behaviours and ultimately build a healthy foundation, that serves both the self and our bank balance.

The Billionaire Buddha is about Economic Empowerment, improving the attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, triggers, recovery from financial trauma, resilience and psychological well being in order to take more control over our economic lives. Because when one feels Economically Empowered… they feel they have the capability and capacity to improve their financial well being • are better able to have control over their day-to-day, month to-month finances • they are less vulnerable to economic abuse • have more psychological capacity to absorb financial shock • they have the psychological resilience to recover from financial trauma • their belief in their ability to achieve financial self-efficacy increases • are able to model and teach their children about Economic Empowerment • are better able to focus and stay on track to meet financial goals. Most ‘money book’ educational strategies work if you have the same temperament, personality, disposition, risk profile or circumstances as the author. This book is designed so that you, the reader discovers what your unique money psychology is … and then get that working for you, financially.

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