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Jane Monica-Jones

Interested in financial therapy? Let's chat about how I can support you  ...

Financial wellbeing expert
Author teacher & speaker


Somatic Therapy

My free goal achievement course
Somatic Goal Setting

Identify the barriers and blocks to your goal attainment and be guided through every step of this amazing process, absolutely free.

Financial wellbeing courses & tools

100+ hours of financial wellbeing courses and resources. Capabilite - leaders in financial psychology and behaviour change, so building your financial capability just got smarter. 

financial wellbeing course

Financial Wellbeing Company 

Support employee financial wellbeing here

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trauma informed financial wellbeing
Money Mindfulness Cards

Want to know when they are available?

We'll tell you when!

Poppy Field

 Trauma Informed Financial 
Wellbeing Training 

 Learn more 

Financial Wellbeing Resources

Financial Wellbeing Course
Money Mindfulness
money mental health cards

Check out more financial wellness resources

Join the financial therapy revolution and transform your relationship with money.

book by 
Jane Monica-Jones

Billionaire Buddha

Financial Therapy Podcast

financial therapy podcast
financial therapy podcast
financial therapy podcast
financial therapy podcast
Jane Monica-Jones Financial Therapist


Jane Monica-Jones is Australia's leading Financial Therapist and Trauma Informed Financial Wellbeing Specialist. She is a pioneer in the study of the psychological and behavioural challenges with money and financial management practices. 


Jane is an inspiring and compassionate speaker and teacher, with a breadth of knowledge on the human condition. Jane speaks from her heart sharing her knowledge and wisdom with profound insight, passion & plenty of humour thrown in.

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trauma informed financial wellbeing
Trauma Informed Financial Wellbeing
In The Press
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